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World Geospatial Developers Conference(WGDC)is the most influential gathering in geographic information industry hosted by the world’s largest geographic Portal 3sNews, aiming at leading and promoting innovations and reforms of geographic information. WGDC has been successively held twice, with more than 7,000 attendees in total covering the full industrial chain, which is an unprecedented event for technical innovation in the industry.

The boundaries of geographic information are collapsing and remodeling, thus, geographic information is becoming a ubiquitous business! In the circumstances, 2014 WGDC with the theme of “Trans-boundaries and value sharing” will be held, whereupon, nearly 5,000 elites of the industry and senior executives from the enterprises will get together, moreover, the most influential entrepreneurs in China will also be there to share the indefinite value of geographic information with all the developers!

3sNews has established good relationships with many organizations, such as China Association for Geographic Information Society, the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Sciences and etc. 3sNews endeavors to become the world-wide geographic information platform to influence more people. Trust us, it will come true.


An unprecedented gathering of technical innovation;

Enterprises with the most innovative spirits and their latest products;

Technical officers with the most innovative concepts.


Integration of multiple fields, techniques and models;

Gathering of trans-boundary enterprises, abundant trans-boundary applications;

Mind collision of the cross-boundary business leaders.


Most practical and valuable contents of the conference;

Releasing platform for enterprise’ new products and technologies;

Primary data of market study and analysis.

Conference Information

2014 World Geospatial Developer Conference

Time: June 11-12, 2014

Address: Beijing•China National Convention Center

Organiser: Beijing Prime Tabor Network Technology Limited Company

Tel: 010-62101808-616

Proposed Guests

Wang Xiaochuan

CEO of Sogou

Youngest Vice President of Sohu at the age of 27, and participated in the establishment of the largest campus social website—ChinaRen at the age of 21.

Song Guanfu

President and Director of SuperMap

Leader in developing GIS software, engaged in the design and R&D of GIS software since 1996 and led the team to develop the SuperMap GIS software.

Sun Yuguo

CEO of NavInfo

Doctorate on GIS from Wuhan University and EMBA from Peking University, brought up with the concept of industrializing navigation digital maps of China.

Tao Chuang


A trans-boundary legend in information technology industry, created GlobeView online 3D map system, even 3 years earlier than Google Earth, honored with Lifetime Professor at the age of 32.

Zhang Jianyu

GM of R&D Center, Esri China

GM of R&D Center and Chief Architect of Enterprise Solutions of Esri, focusing on the development and integration of enterprise GIS, successively worked at Deloitte & Touche and JPL of NASA.

Steve Coast

Founder of OpenStreetMap

Founder of the OpenStreetMap community-based world mapping project and CloudMade geographic-related company, joined in Telenav after working at Microsoft's Bing Mobile this year.

Dr. Walter S. Scott

Founder, CTO of Digital Globe

Doctorate and Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of California, previously worked in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

Ola Rollén

CEO and President of Hexagon Group

Leader successively for many companies, such as Sandvik Materials Technology, Avesta-Sheffield and Kanthal, also Vestas Wind Systems A/S with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

Guo Sheng

Director and President of Leador Spatial Information Technology Limited Company

Director and GM of Leador Spatial, led his team to win First Prize for "National Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Award".

Xi Jianjun

Vice President of AutoNavi

Successively undertook the senior professional manager in Nav2 and Chinese sales sales principal of Navteq, promoting the mobile navigation, mobile mapping business in China much ealier than others.

Xu Liping

General Manager of Siwei World View Technology Limited Company

GM of Siwei Worldview, published the academic article General Description of SPOT5 Satellite Performance in the 4th issue of Spacecraft Recovery and Remote Sensing.

Yao Xin

Director and President of Mapuni Technology Limited Company

Director and President of Mapuni, has engaged in the environment protection informatization for many years and established the Academy of Science of Mapuni.

Yu Zheng

Lead Researcher at Microsoft Research.

He is also a Chair Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In 2013, he was named Top Innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review (TR35) and featured by Time Magazine for his research on urban computing.

Wu Liang

Assistant President of Zondy Cyber Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Engaged and excellent in the study and research on GIS basic theory, spatial computation and network computation for many years, focused on the high performance geocomputation, spatial analysis modeling and application and etc.

Xu Feng

Executive Vice President of Hi-Target Navigation Surveying Instrument Co. Ltd

Successively managed and participated in national plan ”Research and Development of Handheld Intelligent Search Terminal ”,”Technical Special Delegate’s Workstation for Guangdong Enterprises ” and etc.

Proposed Topics

Proposed Topics

Geographic information is the most important vehicle, covering all the aspects from data, platform to application.

Location Intelligence (Big Data)

Location intelligence and big data are perfectly combined to discover the accurate information and realize the real business intelligence.

Local Life (LBS, O2O, Mobile Internet)

From LBS to O2O, common users’ localized applications are prosperously developed, opening a brand new world of GIS.

Mobile Terminal (Business, Digital Maps)

Mobile intelligent devices have thoroughly transformed our lives, providing new opportunities from industrial application to mass application.

Cloud Computing

The popularization of cloud computing is to be implemented, providing the aid for geographic information industry with new application structure and service model.

Telematics (Map Provider, Car Manufacturer)

Intelligent internet will be the mainstream function for cars, which is another wonderful stage for mobile technology.

Navigation Positioning (GPS+Beidou)

Beidou GPS, navigation and services related with navigation in the mature 3S market will be discussed.

Industrial Application

Industrial application is the foundation of GIS development, excellent cases of land, public security, agriculture and forestry as well as water conservancy will be represented.

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